Agrolite Dark Night 20W bulb

Specially developed night lamp Agrolite Dark Night with green light that does not disturb the plants while they sleep.
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Chlorophyll-rich plants absorb light in almost all wavelengths of the visible spectrum and reflect light only around the 510 nm (green) band where they do not photosynthesize

Agrolite Darknight is an LED high-performance bulb with a specially designed filter that eliminates all wavelengths around 510 nm, which allows working in greenhouses and growing rooms during darkness. In addition, it allows a person to see in the dark and maximally respects the life cycles of plants.

As you are well aware, disturbing plants during their sleep (dark phase) is not good at all. This causes stress to the plants, which can manifest itself in a very undesirable way. One of them is, for example, the hermaphroditism of our plants, another could be poor or unstable ripening of plants over time. But here and there we have to look at our plants even in the dead of night. Anything can happen, some unexpected malfunction or pest attack.

In the case of spraying against pests or fungi, it is advisable to apply the spray when any high-pressure discharge lamp does not burn our plants. And for night lighting there is a UV bulb. When lighting the plants in the night phase with this special bulb, your pets will not be woken up. You, on the other hand, have a relatively good view of all the details in your nursery and can focus on the reason for your visit without any problems.

Technical data Agrolite Dark Night

  • Power: 20W Voltage: 230V
  • Type: Halogen for growth
  • Socket: E27
  • Lifespan: 8000
  • Spectrum: Green
  • Total weight - 205 g

      Each fluorescent lamp is a consumer product and the two-year warranty does not cover lamps damaged by improper use by the purchaser.

      Protect the glass from shocks and vibrations, never touch the glass part with wet or bare hands. Follow the manufacturer's instructions as much as possible.

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