BioBizz All-Mix, 50l

Heavily pre-fertilized, 100% biological soil substrate Biobizz All-Mix in a fifty liter package. Complete nutrition for several weeks. With perlite.
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BioBizz All-Mix organic soil

100% organic mixture

  • 20% peat,
  • 35% garden peat
  • 10% organic fertilizer (worm-humus)
  • 30% perlite
  • 5% BioBizz Pre-Mix.

While BioBizz's Light-Mix is very popular, mainly due to its minimal pre-fertilization, the "All-Mix" version is an alternative that is much more heavily pre-fertilized. In fast-growing cultivated plants grown for quick harvest, heavy pre-fertilization can often cause problems (eg too much nitrogen at the flowering stage), so a rich soil is ideal for all plants that are built more for the flowering stage of the plant.

BioBizz All-Mix provides a consistent level of nutrients to the plant at all times, making the substrate an ideal growing medium for slow-growing crops and ornamentals. All-Mix also offers a fantastic solution for the long-term care of mother plants that are usually kept in the vegetative stage.

Tip: Ornamental plants that are to spend a long life in their pots should be mixed with All-Mix with approximately 10% expanded clay pebbles. This improves drainage and, especially when using larger pebbles, prevents the roots from sitting in water and rotting while the surface appears to be completely dry.

How to cultivate the repeatedly used Allmix?

  • Remove the top layer of potting soil and discard it (this soil may contain insect eggs or larvae, even if you're sure it's free of eggs or larvae, it's best to be on the safe side)
  • If you intend to reuse the soil, trim the plant so that only a small stem and roots remain in the soil
  • Then pull the stem up and clean the roots completely
  • Greater root mass will use more soil energy for decomposition
  • Add fresh Pre·Mix(5%) and Worm-Humus(10%), then moisten and leave in a warm place for at least a week
  • Because All·Mix contains perlite, the substrate is somewhat aerated - this allows the soil to breathe and creates better conditions for root growth
  • In addition, perlite perfectly absorbs water and nutrients, which allows the soil to be more nutritious for longer

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Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Organická hnojiva, doplňky, substráty BioBizz.
Objem.50 L
Půdní, kokosové, inertní, organické substráty na pěstování rostlin.Organický bio substrát pro nejčistší biologické pěstování., Špičkový substrát, hlína, půda pro pěstování rostlin.

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