BioBizz Top-Max, 5l

BioBizz Top-Max organic stimulator is designed for the flowering period. It enlarges the flowers, increases the intake of nutrients, the fruits are sweeter and tastier. Volume 5 l
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This 100% organic supplement is intended for the entire flowering phase (from the beginning of the 3rd week of development). The flowers will be bigger and more fragrant , the fruits tastier and heavier . Universal and effective supplement for all substrates and cultivation methods.

The flowering enhancer contains natural, effective humic and fulvic acids , which naturally support the healthy development of the plant. BioBizz Top-Max supports cell division and the formation of new cells, simultaneously increasing the intake of nutrients. It helps release other substances (calcium, iron, magnesium) from the soil and supports metabolism .

Guaranteed explosive flower growth and certified organic

Dosage: / see documents

  • Can be used when growing in soil, coconut and hydra.
  • It is mixed in a ratio of 1-4 ml/l. Use the dressing within 24 hours.

Store at room temperature. Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children. It has a limited shelf life after opening. Do not swallow.

Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Organická hnojiva, doplňky, substráty BioBizz.
Nejvhodnější použití hnojiva.Květový stimulátor podporuje velké, kompaktní a voňavé květy nebo plody. Pro fázi květu.
Pouze organický, bio přípravek. Organické produkty spotřebujte po smíchání s vodou do 24 hodin.Ano
Objem.5 L
Typ hnojiva dle skupenství.Kapalná tekutá hnojiva na pěstování rostlin se dobře rozpouští ve vodě., Organická hnojiva na bio pěstování rostlin.

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