Canna Rhizotonic, 500ml

Rhizotonic is a powerful stimulator of root development from Canna. Powerful supports the formation of new roots, strengthens the defense and resistance of entire plants. Volume 500ml.
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RHIZOTONIC is a 100% natural vegetative stimulator intended for the roots of fast-growing plants , which contains various trace elements and many vitamins, e.g. B1 and B2, which stimulate the production of hormones and root growth (better and stronger roots).

Scientific research has shown that another very important element is Oligosaccharide, which is very effective for roots and results in healthy, strong, white roots. Rhizotonic stimulates root growth, increases plant resistance to disease and promotes healthy growth. RHIZOTONIC helps plants if they are already sick or developing poorly. It is suitable for plants after transplanting, accelerates the germination process and helps in the regeneration process (after pruning).

CANNA RHIZOTONIC is an ideal supplement to achieve a quality fertile environment. It is possible to combine with any substrate. The prepared mixture can be sprayed on the leaves, or Rhizotonic can be used as a simple means to increase the pH in fertilizer containers.

Overfertilization has a negative effect on the substrate, the plant and nature in general. BioRHIZOTONIC is 100% natural and is suitable for almost all growing media (soil, coconut and hydroponics).

Rhizotonic 250ml is used for watering and as a spray. It can be used as a simple means of raising the pH in brine tanks.

Dosage: /see documents

  • Mix in a ratio of 2ml/1l of water
  • Use 1-6 times a day on the culture medium or spray directly on the leaves until a strong root system is established.
  • Rhizotonic slightly increases the pH level, we recommend checking the numbers afterwards.
  • Product results are better at low EC, if necessary, use only in the first few days without fertilizers

Store tightly closed in a cold-resistant place. Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children. It has a limited shelf life after opening. Do not swallow.
Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Světově vyhlášené substráty, doplňky a hnojiva Canna.
Nejvhodnější použití hnojiva.Rostlinný kořenový stimulátor podporuje rozvoj silných kořenů. Pro první týdny.
Objem.0,5 L
Typ hnojiva dle skupenství.Kapalná tekutá hnojiva na pěstování rostlin se dobře rozpouští ve vodě.

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