DARK PROPAGATOR 120 R4.0 -120 x 60 x 190cm

Large Dark Propagator 120 R4.0 with dimensions 120x60x190cm. Suitable for growing up to 800 small plants or seedlings with fluorescent or LED lights. Including basic accessories.
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Very spacious box for growing seedlings , cuttings , clones and other small plants . Secret Jardin's Dark Propagator 120 R4.0 provides the optimal environment for a flawless plant start .

Secret Jardin recommends lighting with 6x TLED 52W for flowering or 3x TLED 52W for growth in this propagator. TNeon fluorescent lamps are also suitable.

Dark Propagator 120 material does not let any light in or out. It is opaque after closing the zipper. The inside of the tent consists of reflective film with higher reflectivity . The breathable material helps maintain a stable temperature, humidity and climate throughout the propagator.

Dark Propagator 120 features and accessories:

The large Dark Propagator includes 1x pair of StrapIT (filter straps), 6x pair of HookIT (hooks for hanging lights) and 30x CableIT (cable clips). The promotional box is equipped with a double bottom and has enough holes for ventilation (diameter 200mm) or cabling (diameter 75mm).

The multi-stage growing grid and plastic tub are not included in the package.

Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Diskrétní stany na pěstování rostlin indoor.
Výška v cm.120 cm
Optimální plocha pro pěstování a zavlažování.0,72 m2

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