Dark Room 90 R3.0, 90x90x185cm

Smaller grow box Secret Jardin Dark Room 90 with dimensions 90x90x185cm. Ideal for one 400W HPS lamp . With practical accessories.
Dark Room DR90
Dark Room DR90
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This Secret Jardin tent is designed for an area of less than 1 square meter . Dark Room 90 with dimensions of 90x90x185cm enables home cultivation of most types of plants .

It is compatible with all cultivation methods . In addition to flower pots, you can also grow in it with smaller versions of Wilma hydroponic systems, NFT Gro Tank or Autopot self-watering flower pots.

The traditional advantages of Secret Jardin tents include a stable and light construction , a double bottom as protection against overheating, or tuned openings for ventilation and cabling .

The advantage is high-quality reflective film , strong zippers and plastic joints.

The package includes practical accessories. WebIT is a support network for optimal plant growth, HookIT are metal hooks for attaching lighting), StrapIT fixing straps for the filter and the PocketIT case . There are also plastic holders for CableIT cables. The stability of the structure is supported by the Space booster .

The main advantages of Dark Room Secret Jardin grow tents:

  • a price-attractive solution for own growing space
  • steel structure with pipes with a diameter of 19 mm
  • easily washable inner film Mylar 210D with reflectivity up to 95%
  • fixed zippers do not let light through
  • problem-free access to plants thanks to the front door
  • the tent can be used for growing in clay, in coconut, with the help of flower pots
  • compatible with most irrigation systems (NFT, Wilma, Autopot, etc.)
  • always a sufficient number of holes for pull-in, pull-out and cables
  • quick assembly, easy handling and operation

Dark Room 90 R3.0 parameters:

  • dimensions 90x90x185cm
  • growing area/space 0.8m2/1.4m3
  • 2x window 30x20cm
  • 2x extraction 200-230mm
  • 2x pull 200-230mm
  • 2x cool tube 200-230mm
  • 3x hole for 75mm cable
  • recommended lighting 1x 400W HPS
  • maximum load capacity of the structure 45 kg, weight of the tent 10 kg
Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Diskrétní stany na pěstování rostlin indoor.
Výška v cm.185 cm
Optimální plocha pro pěstování a zavlažování.0,81 m2

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