Electronic ballast Lumatek TWIN 600W, 230V

Lumatek Twin 600W 240V, electronic ballast with four-position regulation for two HPS or MH discharge lamps. Separate power switching in the range 360W-400W-600W-660W for both discharge lamps.
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CodeLUMB0004PNmožnost připojení 2x600W,samostatná regulace pro každou výbojku!

The Twin 600W 240V electronic ballast with light output regulation belongs to the second, significantly improved generation of Lumatek ballasts. Sophisticated technology allows both the simultaneous connection and regulation of two discharge lamps (400W or 600W, HPS and MH ) as well as their gradual lighting.

The Lumatek Twin 600W 240V high-frequency digital ballast with four-position regulation guarantees light output control at 250W-400W-600W-600 Super Lumen levels (in percentages 50%-75%-100%-110%).

Including IEC connectors.

The main advantages include, in addition to completely smooth power regulation , a stable luminous flux without fluctuations , a quick start and lower energy consumption. The Lumatek Twin 600W 240V gets up to 30% more lumens/watt than the standard. Compared to classic ballasts, it produces less heat, is significantly quieter, completely vibration-free and extends the life of the discharge lamps. All Lumatek ballasts are significantly lighter.

The saving is in the fact that it needs less power to drive. The operation of Lumatek ballasts has no disturbing effect on short-wave receivers - telephone, radio, TV. A plus is its low weight, easy operation and handling , excellent performance, internal protection against the detection RF signal.

We deliver the Lumatek TWIN 600W digital ballast including two cables. The ballast-shade cable is 2.5 meters long, the ballast-socket cable measures 1.5m.

Before regulation, we recommend letting the lamps warm up for at least 10 minutes.

The Lumatek Twin ballast works optimally in temperatures from -25 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Use only high-quality dimmable discharge lamps.

Lumatek TWIN 600W ballast technical data:

  • Dimensions: 510x114x81mm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Power: 360 - 400 - 600 - 660W (x2)
  • Power consumption: 380 - 424 - 635 - 695W (x2)
  • Frequency: <90Khz
  • Voltage: 240V 50/60Hz
  • Voltage range: 175-275V
  • Current: 3 A (x2)
  • Optimum ambient operating temperature: -25 to +40 degrees Celsius
  • Optimum ambient operating humidity: 0% - 90%

Compared to electromagnetic ballasts, Lumatek does not reduce performance over time and does not increase energy losses due to heating (reactive energy). A guarantee of minimal noise during use thanks to the use of resin fillings, the microprocessor ensures constant performance and minimizes voltage surges (fluctuating voltage). Ballast

Lumatek uses a combination of the most modern alloys to ensure effective cooling, and thanks to the " soft start " function, it enables the lamp to reach full brightness within 5 minutes, which saves the lamp and extends its life. The ballast is programmed to automatically switch off in the event of a short circuit or a missing or damaged lamp. Each piece is individually tested for 12 hours to ensure maximum reliability. Guarantee of minimal interference from radio and satellite waves (max. range 1.5 m) Lumatek TWIN has a switch, one circuit can be switched off and lit with only one lamp.

Výkon osvětlení ve wattech.600 W
Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Lumatek, britský výrobce osvětlení včetně špičkových digitálních předřadníků, výbojek nebo stínidel.
Kolik energie spotřebuje za hodinu.695 W
Špičkové elektronické, digitální, elektromagnetické předřadníky s regulací, IEC konektorem.Elektronický, digitální předřadník operuje na vyšší frekvenci, je výkonnější, tišší a lehčí., Předřadník s IEC konektorem je připraven k okamžitému zapojení do sítě., Předřadník umožňuje polohovou regulaci osvětlení na 4 úrovních.
Frekvence předřadníku90 kHz

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