Essentials EC meter

Pocket-sized and very durable Essentials EC meter, waterproof measuring device for measuring electrical conductivity in nutrient solution.
Essential EC metr
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The lightweight and easy-to-use Essentials EC meter is a pocket-sized EC meter for measuring electrical conductivity in nutrient solution. Advantages include ease of use, automatic temperature equalization or battery-saving auto-off function. The reaction time of the measuring device is a maximum of 20 seconds before the measurement stabilizes.

The Essentials EC meter pocket meter is pre-calibrated . Calibration is recommended after approximately 10 uses of the device. The device is waterproof and unsinkable . A light on the clear display warns you before the battery runs out and the measurement is distorted. Instrument range: 0.1-10mS/cm. Resolution: 0.1mS/cm.

For calibration, it is necessary to use the calibration solution Essentials CF Standard 2.8ms.

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