Fan TT Silent/Dalap AP 125, 230/340m3/h

Sound-proof duct fan TT AP with a diameter of 125 mm and an output of 230/340 cubic meters per hour. Two-speed motor with ball bearings.
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The extremely quiet duct fan TT Silent/Dalap AP 125 is compatible with all types of air ducts with a diameter of 125 mm. It is suitable for pipelines with higher pressure loss. TT Silent AP silenced fans combine quality parameters and wide options of axial and radial fans.

The main advantages of the silent fan TT Silent/Dalap AP 125, 230/340m3/h:

  • two-speed motor with thermal fuse
  • ball bearings increase the service life up to 40,000 hours of operation
  • semi-radial metal blades guarantee an increased speed of the air flow
  • the steel outer casing is coated with black polymer
  • solid plastic impeller
  • extremely quiet operation without vibrations
  • external mounting box and easier network connection
  • enables horizontal and vertical connection
  • maximum air capacity (output) 230/340m3/h
  • low consumption (power) 25/30W
  • 1650/2310 rpm
  • sound pressure level 23/28dbA
  • optimal operation with pipes up to a maximum length of 17 meters
  • weight 4.6 kg
  • protection IP X4
  • max operating temperature 60 degrees

How to make the best use of TT Silent/Dalap AP duct fans?

All pipe fans are intended for wide use in kitchens, apartments, offices, growing areas and greenhouses. They will also perform their work in workshops, cellars and other spaces with a requirement for active ventilation . The soundproof fan TT AP 125 can be attached to the wall or ceiling thanks to the mounting plate.

The single-phase motor and ball bearings guarantee maximum performance in both horizontal and vertical positions . The rotation speed can be set either fixed before starting the fan or using an external switch, which is not included in the package and needs to be purchased. Detailed instructions for connection and use can be found in the Czech manual.

Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Potřeby pro pěstitele od méně známých značek.
Maximální průtok vzduchu.340 m3/h
Průměr v mm.125 mm
Jaký typ ventilátoru.Nizkohlukový, tichý ventilátor., Vícerychlostní ventilátor.
Kolik energie spotřebuje za hodinu.30 W
Zvuková intenzita.28 db

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