Fan VKM/Dalap 315, 1400m3/h

Powerful metal radial fan for pipes VKM 315. Output 1400m3/h, for flexible and fixed pipes with a diameter of 315mm. Protection against overheating and corrosion.
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CodeVKM315PNRadiální ventilátor, pozink povrchová úprava

The metal pipe fan is protected against corrosion by a protective polymer layer. The fan with a diameter of 315 mm allows vertical and horizontal mounting (on the wall and ceiling). It is intended for operation in workshops, halls, shops, offices with lower humidity . It is more suitable for pipelines with a higher pressure loss.

The main advantages of a metal fan:

  • single-phase motor with external rotor and ball bearing
  • metal radial blades, dynamically balanced turbines
  • usable for towing and pulling
  • automatic protection against overheating and automatic restart
  • cover made of galvanized steel and a polymer protective layer against corrosion
  • horizontal and vertical mounting at any angle guarantees safe operation and quiet operation
  • wide use in industrial premises (warehouses, workshops, factories, halls, greenhouses, etc.)


  • into a pipe with a diameter of 315 mm
  • maximum air capacity (output) 1400m3/h
  • consumption (power) 171W
  • pressure 533Pa
  • 2600 revolutions per minute
  • sound pressure level 52dbA
  • weight 8.1 kg
  • protection IP X4
  • optimal operating temperature -25/+50 degrees

We supply the metal radial duct fan Vents VKMz 315, 1400m3h including the mounting bracket and instructions. During assembly and handling, strictly follow the instructions given in the Czech manual. You can find the exact and detailed wiring diagram in it. If you do not have experience with connecting a fan of this type, seek professional help.

Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Spolehlivé potrubní ventilátory Vents.
Maximální průtok vzduchu.1400 m3/h
Průměr v mm.315 mm
Jaký typ ventilátoru.Radiální potrubní ventilátor.
Kolik energie spotřebuje za hodinu.171 W
Zvuková intenzita.52 db

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