Fan VKO 150, 298m3/h

Small pipe fan VKO 150 made of plastic for short pipes or for extraction directly through the wall. Suitable for exhaust and intake air. Pipe diameter 150mm.
Ventilátor 150VKO, 298m3/h, 90Pa, D=150, D1=154mm
Ventilátor 150VKO, 298m3/h, 90Pa, D=150, D1=154mm
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The plastic fan VKO 150 is designed for very small apartment, office, growing or work spaces . The fan casing is made of durable ABS plastic , as are the axial blades. Due to its technical parameters and performance of 298m3/h, this narrowed fan is suitable for use in shorter ventilation pipes with low pressure loss, or for extraction directly through the wall.

The small ducted axial fan Vents VKO 150 is compatible with all types of air ducts with a diameter of 150 mm.

The fan can be used both for supply and exhaust air . The absence of a ball bearing allows only horizontal connection .

Before installation, pay attention to the attached Czech instructions. D=150, D1=154mm.


Consumption (power) 24W

Voltage 220-240V

Output 298m3/h

2400 revolutions per minute

Static pressure 90Pa

Sound pressure level 40dB(A)

Weight 0.41kg

Maximum operating temperature 40 degrees

Recommended maximum pipe length 10m

Protection against overheating

IP protection X4

Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Spolehlivé potrubní ventilátory Vents.
Maximální průtok vzduchu.298 m3/h
Průměr v mm.150 mm
Jaký typ ventilátoru.Axiální potrubní ventilátor.
Kolik energie spotřebuje za hodinu.24 W
Zvuková intenzita.40 db

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