Fan with thermostat VK 200 U, 780m3/h

Plastic duct fan VK 200 U with thermostat. Designed for flexible and rigid air ducts with a diameter of 200 mm.
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CodeVK200UPNRadiální plastový ventilátor s regulací teploty a otáček

Radial pipe fan VK 00, 780m3/h is intended for ventilating medium and larger non-residential spaces . The maintenance-free fan made of ABS plastic impresses with its decent characteristics and quiet operation . The built-in thermostat will simplify the ventilation of your rooms.

You set the desired temperature manually directly on the fan. If the temperature rises by 2 degrees, the engine will start working faster. When the room cools down, it switches back to a lower speed.

Advantages of the fan VK 200 U, 780m3/h:

  • an ideal choice for extracting air from areas with ducts with a higher pressure loss
  • with a built-in thermostat for temperature regulation
  • usable for ventilating garages, workshops, shops, growing rooms, offices, etc.
  • maintenance-free ball bearing guarantees reliable and quiet motor performance
  • single-phase asynchronous external rotor AC motor
  • reliable ABS plastic is not subject to corrosion and enables operation in wet areas
  • wall or ceiling mounting at any angle
  • radial blades , low noise


  • into flexible and rigid pipes with a diameter of 200 mm
  • max. air capacity (output) 780m3/h
  • consumption (power) 107W
  • pressure 360Pa
  • 2660 revolutions per minute
  • sound pressure 48dbA
  • weight 4.3 kg
  • optimum operating temperature -25/+55 degrees
  • protection against engine overheating operation up to 40,000 hours and more
  • recommended for pipes with a maximum length of 25m
  • protection IP X4

We supply the Vents VK 200 U plastic pipe fan with an output of 780m3/h including fasteners. The speed can only be regulated using an external regulator (thyristor or autotransdormer).

When installing, starting and handling the fan, follow the Czech instructions included in the package. Connect and install exactly according to the manual and the attached diagram.

Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Spolehlivé potrubní ventilátory Vents.
Maximální průtok vzduchu.780 m3/h
Průměr v mm.200 mm
Jaký typ ventilátoru.Potrubní ventilátor s regulací dle teploty., Radiální potrubní ventilátor., Vícerychlostní ventilátor.
Kolik energie spotřebuje za hodinu.107 W
Zvuková intenzita.48 db

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