Filter CAN-Special 2100-2400m3/h, 315mm

High-performance odor filter with activated carbon Can Special with an output of 2100-2400m3/ha with a 315mm flange.
Filtr CAN-Special 2100-2800m3/h, příruba 315mm
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Code038150315PNdélka 150cm, průměr 38cm, vrstva uhlí 50mm

The most used and popular carbon filters in the Netherlands.

With high-quality pelletized activated carbon type CKV-4 (1 liter of pelletized activated carbon weighs 500 grams). Easy installation. High resistance and efficiency .

Lifetime of filters 24 months .

Coal layer 50mm

Filter diameter: 38cm

Flange 315mm

Height: 150cm

Weight: 63kg

Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Špičková vzduchotechnika, pachové filtry CAN Filters.
Maximální průtok vzduchu.2400 m3/h
Průměr v mm.315 mm
Délka v cm.150 cm

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