Hesi PowerZyme, 1L

The universal enzyme supplement Hesi PowerZyme supports a healthy substrate environment and quality growth. It contributes to a higher airiness of the substrate.
HESI Powerzym 1l, enzymatický přípravek
HESI Powerzym 1l, enzymatický přípravek
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PowerZyme from Hesi is used from the beginning of cultivation to the end of nutrition . This ingredient effectively decomposes the dead roots in the substrate and transforms them into useful substances, mainly sugars.

These natural enzymes are produced by natural fermentation . Rotting roots reduce the amount of oxygen in the substrate. Hesi PowerZyme decomposes them and thus supports the development of the root system, at the same time it strengthens the resistance of plants and increases the intake of nutrients and oxygen .

Universal Hesi PowerZyme is compatible with growing in coco, hydra or soil. Hesi Powerzyme activates healthy microorganisms in the root environment and also accelerates nutrient uptake.

Dosage: /see documents

  • Mix in a ratio of 2ml/1l of water, 1-2 times a week together with nutrition
  • You can use Hesi Power Zyme enzyme extract both in hydroponics and for all types of substrates.
Store tightly closed in a cold-resistant place. Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children. It has a limited shelf life after opening. Do not swallow.
Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Hnojiva a doplňky Hesi.
Nejvhodnější použití hnojiva.Enzymy jsou doplňky základní výživy rostlin.
Objem.1 L
Typ hnojiva dle skupenství.Kapalná tekutá hnojiva na pěstování rostlin se dobře rozpouští ve vodě.

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