Hesi Root Complex, 5L

An activator and stimulator of root development, Root Complex from Hesi strengthens plant resistance, stimulates nutrient absorption, comprehensively strengthens plants.
HESI Roots Complex 5l, kořenový stimulátor
HESI Roots Complex 5l, kořenový stimulátor
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The universal rootstock Hesi Root Complex is intended for the cultivation of plants in any growing medium. It dramatically improves the absorption of nutrients and activates beneficial microorganisms in the root environment.

Hesi Root Complex contains no NPK nutrients, but important vitamins, enzymes, sugars and amino acids. With them, it stimulates strong and healthy roots, supports the natural resistance and optimal condition of older and very small plants (cuttings, seedlings, etc.). It is used up to and including the first week of flowering .

Root Complex from Hesi gives plants a deep green color and supports the development of thick stems and a strong root system . It also helps the plant cope with stressful moments (transplantation, change of light, etc.).

Works best in combination with Hesi PowerZyme and Hesi SuperVit.

Dosage: /see documents

  • Mix in a ratio of 5ml/1L of water, add daily to the dressing.
  • Root Complex is pH and EC neutral, so it is not a problem to use it with NPK fertilizers of the Hesi series.
Store tightly closed in a cold-resistant place. Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children. It has a limited shelf life after opening. Do not swallow.
Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Hnojiva a doplňky Hesi.
Nejvhodnější použití hnojiva.Rostlinný kořenový stimulátor podporuje rozvoj silných kořenů. Pro první týdny.
Objem.5 L
Typ hnojiva dle skupenství.Kapalná tekutá hnojiva na pěstování rostlin se dobře rozpouští ve vodě.

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