Homebox HomeLab 145, 145x145x200cm

The largest HomeLab 145 from Homebox Original with highly reflective thermofoil. Dimensions 145x145x200cm suitable for 1x 600-1000W discharge lamp .
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The wonderfully spacious HomeLab 145 is non-toxic, waterproof and completely opaque when closed . Homebox for growing plants indoors . GrowLab is a new type of grow tent from Homebox originally produced for the US market.

The tent is equipped with thermofoil, which insulates heat very well (up to 97%) and has high reflectivity . The HomeLab GL145 tent is airtight, waterproof and non-toxic.

The construction of the HomeLab 145 Homebox tent is made of durable metal rods reinforced in the ceiling part to have the highest load-bearing capacity . Opaque zippers are very durable. The fan can be placed outside the tent. Openings for air intake and exhaust are variable for different pipe sizes.

All plastic couplings are made of durable polymer for maximum durability and easy handling. GrowLab 145 Homebox is suitable for sodium and metal halide lamps 600-1000W .

Features of the Homebox HomeLab 145:

  • Opening for ventilation: 203mm
  • Hole for cabling: 101mm
  • 3 ventilation windows
  • Tent dimensions: 145x145x200cm
  • Dimension of folded box: 147x42.5x18cm
  • One of the best-selling types
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