Homebox HomeLab 80, 80x80x180cm

Dark grow tent HomeLab 80 for growing on 0.64m2. Homebox compatible with flower pots and smaller irrigation systems .
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Homebox Original's HomeLab 80 is a special type of grow tent from Homebox originally produced for the demanding US market.

The inner part of the box is equipped with thermofoil, which insulates heat very well (up to 97%) and reflects light well . All zippers are durable and resistant. After closing, the tent is completely opaque . The front windows provide quick inspection.

Inlet and exhaust holes are compatible with different air duct diameters. The exhaust fan can be attached outside the growing area, so there is no risk of it falling on the plants.

The construction of the HomeLab tent is made of durable metal rods. In the ceiling part, reinforced bars guarantee a high load-bearing capacity . The couplings are made of plastic or resistant polymer and contribute to maximum service life .

The Homebox HomeLab 80 with a growing area of 0.6m2 allows growing in soil, coconut and hydra .

It is suitable for 250-400W discharge lamps, energy-saving CFL lamps, LED lighting or fluorescent lamps.

Features of the Homebox HomeLab 80:

  • Opening for ventilation: 127mm
  • Hole for cabling: 101mm
  • 3 ventilation windows
  • Tent dimensions: 80x80x180cm
  • Dimension of folded box: 92.5x29x12cm
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