Lumatek electronic ballast 400W, 230V

Lumatek 400W high-frequency ballast with four-position regulation, electronic ballast for dimmable sodium and metal halide lamps. Regulation in the range of 250-440W.
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Lumatek 400W230V Digital Ballasts are dimmable and produce consistent stable light output that is ideal for pharmaceutical agriculture, controlled environment horticulture and other applications where precise regulated output is essential.

Lumatek ballasts are microprocessor controlled and have intelligent start with faster sequential switching of light sources with safe control of inrush current and balanced load across the ring circuit to prevent tripping of circuit breakers.

When dimming or boosting the bulbs, the ballast uses a special function to gradually change the power to protect the lamp. This ballast is small and compact, works quietly without a noisy fan and weighs only 2.5 kg, making it easy to handle and install.

The Lumatek 400W240V Digital Ballast is extremely efficient in producing very little heat and has full circuit protection installed for safety including Open/Short, Overheat, Over/Under Voltage, End of Life/Lamp Rectification and EMI Suppression.

Lumatek uses the highest quality electronic components and their design ensures longer lamp life with minimal loss of PAR/PPF output over time.

Lumatek ballasts illuminate both HPS and MH lamps (note that the Super Lumens (SL) switch cannot be turned on for MH lamps). Four power settings at 250W, 250SL, 400W and 400SL . Increase performance by 10% by selecting the SL setting.

The advantage of the Lumatek 400W digital ballast is safe and quiet operation, easy installation and operation of the ballast. The high-frequency ballast does not cause the lamps to flicker . Light output can only be regulated with dimmable lamps.

Before starting the light regulation of the Lumatek 400W digital ballast, let the discharge lamp warm up for at least 10 minutes in normal operation.

Technical data of Lumatek ballast 400W, 230V:

  • Input/output power: 440/420W
  • Power regulation: 250-275-400-440W
  • Voltage: 175-275V
  • Operating frequency: >80 kHz
  • Voltage frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Current: 1.9 A THD: < 8%
  • Operating temperature: -25 to 40°C
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 23x11.4x8.1 cm
  • IP protection: IP23

Follow the instructions for installation. Never open the cover or handle the ballast or the discharge lamp while they are live. Lumatek ballast works reliably in temperatures from -25° to +40° and humidity up to 90%.

Výkon osvětlení ve wattech.400 W
Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Lumatek, britský výrobce osvětlení včetně špičkových digitálních předřadníků, výbojek nebo stínidel.
Kolik energie spotřebuje za hodinu.420 W
Špičkové elektronické, digitální, elektromagnetické předřadníky s regulací, IEC konektorem.Elektronický, digitální předřadník operuje na vyšší frekvenci, je výkonnější, tišší a lehčí., Předřadník s IEC konektorem je připraven k okamžitému zapojení do sítě., Předřadník umožňuje polohovou regulaci osvětlení na 4 úrovních.
Frekvence předřadníku80 kHz

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