Malapa stepless voltage regulator, up to 900W

TR11, Malapa voltage regulator for smooth switching 1-900W (to the surface). Option to set the minimum speed. Cable 3m.
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CodeTR11PNnahrazuje typ TR01 - plynulá regulace příkonu 1-900W,kabel 3 m

High-quality continuous regulator (dimmer) for inductive and resistive appliances with a power from 1 to 900 W. Increasing or decreasing the output voltage is done with the main rotary knob, the second smaller knob serves as the bottom stop (below).

The regulator has an integrated main switch with LED indication . Immediate installation, for connection to electricity. the network is served by a cord with a plug and a socket for connecting the regulated appliance.

You can also call this device a triac regulator , according to its internal electronic circuit. The entire device is protected by a fuse . You can fix the device on the wall with hanging brackets (included in delivery). Another option is a controller controlled, for example, by a computer via external voltage with USB (below). High coverage guarantees long-term and error-free operation even under extreme conditions , over design.

Using the controller:

  • 230V/220V electric motor speed controller
  • dimmer/ lighting controller (bulbs, halogen bulbs, infrared lamps)
  • voltage regulator 230V/220V
  • fan speed controller
  • heat regulation, drill speed regulator, motor speed regulation, power regulator, triac speed regulator
  • regulates axial, radial and diagonal motors
  • minimum speed: possibility to firmly set the lower limit of speed/power, useful when, for example, the fan cannot be seen or heard (the set speed on the small controller no longer allows the main controller to reduce the speed below this set limit)

The main functions of the stepless regulator:

  • the regulator works with a voltage of 230V
  • maximum power of the connected appliance 900W
  • stepless regulation of the output voltage from 0% to 100%
  • the possibility to firmly set the lower speed limit
  • main switch with LED indication on the body of the regulator
  • regulation of inductive and resistance appliances
  • supply cord terminated with a 3m long fork
  • socket (output) on the body of the regulator
  • secured by own insurance
  • installation of the device on the surface, fixing material in the package
  • simple and quick assembly

Installing the controller:

the device is intended for mounting on a surface using the handles included in the package. Connection of multiple appliances to one regulator: multiple appliances can be connected to one regulator, it must be observed that all appliances do not exceed the maximum permissible load of the regulator.

Technical data of the TR11 regulator:

  • power supply - 230V AC 50Hz
  • max. load - 900W (3.9A)
  • regulation - stepless regulation of the output voltage - from 0% to 100%
  • main switch - with cooling LED indication - passive
  • supply cord with fork - 3 meters
  • protected by a fuse - 10A
  • mounting - wall (bracket)
  • total weight - 557g
  • size - length 110, width 110, height 60mm
  • working temperature -20° to 70°C
  • protection - IP44
  • box - ABS RoHS
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