Malapa switchboard 8+1+1, 8x1200W, 16A 400V

Malapa wall switchboard 8+1+1, 8x1200W, 16A 400V. 8x switched socket max. 1200W, 1x switched night socket max. 3000W, 1x non-switched socket. Cable 5m. 16A, 400V.
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CodeKL04PNkaždá zásuvka max. 1000W

The wall-mounted distribution board from the KL series is designed for powering and switching electrical appliances. Powers and switches both inductive and resistive loads. activities. The switching on and off of the sockets in this device is controlled by means of a power contactor and it is designed for the switched power of the given distribution board. Switching contacts made of precious metal alloys allow switching inductive loads such as high-pressure discharge lamps.

To each switched outlet of this switchboard, which are controlled by sp. clock, you can connect max. 1x1200W (2x600W). The cabinet also has one night socket , this socket is switched on when the switched sockets are switched off, it is suitable, for example, for powering the heating. For powering other devices, the switchboard has an integrated one non-switched socket , which is under permanent voltage. The switchboard has an integrated contactor thermal protection (switches off all switched sockets).

The switch clock with a built-in backup power source guarantees operation even in the event of a power outage. energy for up to 200 hours. The timer is programmed by pulling out and for turning off by inserting the targets around the dial. You can also switch the switchboard manually. Switch clocks are immune to electromagnetic waves or induction fields. You can hang the device on the wall using the handle.

Long-term and error-free operation even under extreme conditions, over design.

Distribution of sockets: 8x switched sockets controlled by switching clocks for lighting (each socket max. 1x1200W or 2x600W); 1x night socket controlled by a timer (max. 3000W); 1x unswitched socket, under permanent voltage

Technical data of the KL04 substation:

Power supply - 400V AC 50Hz

Max. overall load - 3x16A

Power cord with fork - 5 meters

Operation - manual/automatic

Adjustable time - min. 20 min., max. 24 hours

Switching cycle - 12 hours programs - up to 72 hours/24 hours accuracy +- 1 sec./24 hours

Deposit of hours - battery up to 200 hours

Protection - thermal

Total weight - 3780g

Size - length 320, width 125, height 250mm

The working temperature of the device is -20° to 70°C

Protection - IP43

Box - ABS RoHS

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