Metrop Amino Xtrem Bloom, 1l

Highly concentrated supplement Metrop Amino Xtrem Bloom . It contains important vitamins, amino acids that strengthen the formation of large flowers. Volume 1 liter.
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Fertilizer Metrop Amino Xtrem Bloom preferentially stimulates the formation of quality fruits, at the same time it helps the development of green leaves. Very fast, directly absorbable, the stimulator contains all the most important amino acids and vitamins needed for explosive flower development in any growing medium. At the same time, it increases the resistance of plants against diseases and stress.

Amino Xtrem Bloom from Metrop stimulates the production of necessary enzymes and flower hormones .

Dosage: /see documents

  • Mix in a ratio of 80ml/100l
  • Can be used for hydroponic systems and substrates.
  • We recommend using it together with the entire Metrop range.
  • Due to the high density of the liquid, we recommend dosing with a measuring cup.

Chemical composition and specifications : Glycine 790mg/5l, Valine 40mg/5l, Proline 360mg/5l, Hydroxyproline 300mg/5l, Alanine 350mg/5l, Asparticzur 680mg/5l, Arginine 80mg/5l, Glumaticzur 225mg/5l, Lysine 345mg/5l, Leucine 50mg/5l, Isoleucine 125mg/5l, Phenylalaline 145mg/5l, Methionine 25mg/5l, Serine 140mg/5l, Asparagine 125mg/5l, Threonine 120mg/5l, Tyrosine 88mg/5l, Histidine 102mg/5l, Cysteine 85mg/5l.

Complex suspension of NPK fertilizer 0.68-1.10-.10 with trace elements . Total nitrogen (N) 0.68%, of which nitrate nitrogen (N) 0.13%, ammonium nitrogen 0.4%, urea 0.13%. Water-soluble phosphorus (P) 1.10%; water-soluble potassium (K) 0.10%; water-soluble magnesium (Mg) 0.005%; water-soluble iron, chelating agent EDTA, 0.002%; water-soluble manganese (Mn), chelating agent EDTA, 0.0002%; water-soluble copper (Cu), chelating agent EDTA, 0.0003%; water-soluble zinc (Zn), chelating agent EDTA, 0.0005%; water-soluble boron (B) 0.0004%.

Store tightly closed in a cold-resistant place. Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children. It has a limited shelf life after opening. Do not swallow.
Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Koncentrovaná hnojiva Metrop.
Nejvhodnější použití hnojiva.Květový stimulátor podporuje velké, kompaktní a voňavé květy nebo plody. Pro fázi květu.
Objem.1 L
Typ hnojiva dle skupenství.Kapalná tekutá hnojiva na pěstování rostlin se dobře rozpouští ve vodě.

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