On Balance Kitchen Bowl Scale 2kg/0.1g

Universal digital Kitchen Bowl Scale with accuracy to a tenth of a gram and a capacity of 2 kilograms. Including a practical weighing container.
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The Kitchen Bowl Scale 2000g/0.1g digital scale allows simple and accurate weighing in kilograms and grams or pounds and ounces (lb, oz). A deep and transparent container for weighing items in homes, workshops, e-shops or kitchens is a great addition. The scale is controlled using two buttons, you simply don't need more. Backlit and clear LCD display, Czech manual, two-year warranty and two AA batteries are a matter of course. The calibration weight is not included in the package. Weight 312g, dimensions 17.8x 5.2cm.

Use the Kitchen Bowl 2000g/0.1g digital scale only at normal temperatures between 10 and 30°C. And only on a flat and stable surface. In extreme conditions, the scale may not work properly and you can permanently destroy it. When starting, let it start in peace, never overload it, protect it from impacts and keep it dry and clean. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Přesné digitální váhy On Balance.
Tolerance se kterou je třeba při vážení počítat.0,1 g
Nikdy nepřekračujte maximální kapacitu váhy.2000 g

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