Rail Light Mover with electric motor

Driving with a motor for lighting, Rail Light Mover. Rail length 220cm, power input 12W, load capacity 15kg.
Rail Light Mover pojezd s elektromotorem 220cm
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Effective use of your light source using the Rail Light Mover. It reduces costs (saving electricity) and increases revenues (you can efficiently illuminate a larger space with one discharge lamp).

Have you ever had burnt leaves from plants? The Rail Light Mover solves this problem by moving sets of lights over the tops of the plants so that the leaves of the plants reach the light at different angles. This activates photosynthesis on parts of the plants that normally don't get much light with the stationary grow light system - thus reducing the burning of the tops of the plants and at the same time eliminating shady spots in the grow room . So you can hang the lamp closer to the plants.


  • Rail Light Mover load capacity up to 15 kg
  • Motor power: 12W
  • Effective plus - easy assembly and disassembly
  • With a delay timer with an interval of 0-60 seconds
  • Intelligent direction switching guaranteed
  • Even distribution of light - the end of permanent shadow
  • Length of the entire Rail Light Mover travel: 220cm
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