ROOT IT Rooting Gel, 150ml

Root stimulator ROOT IT Rooting Gel 150ml for the healthy development of strong roots right from the start.
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Coderoot-gelPNGel na podporu kořenového systému u malých rostlin

Gel root stimulator RootIT Gel in a 150 ml package contains natural growth hormones (auxins), vitamins and minerals. RootIT Gel4Plugs is suitable for plants without a developed root system (cuttings, seedlings, etc.).

The root stimulator RootIt Gel supports the growth of roots and root hairs, prevents infections and diseases. The root system will appear after 3-4 days after using RootIT Gel. This gel is suitable for all types of plants and growing media (rockwool, substrates, planting tablets, etc.).

Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Root It je vysoce kvalitní péče o mladé rostliny, sazenice, řízky.

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