Shade Adjust-A-Wing AVENGER MEDIUM incl. heat shield

Large quality shade Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Medium including heatshield. High reflectivity 97%, corrosion resistant. Suitable for 400-600W discharge lamps.
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CodeSAAWMSSPNmožno připojit tepelný štít, lepší rozptyl, pro 400-600W

Adjust-A-Wing's Avenger Edition products are among the most reliable shades on the market. The Avenger Medium boasts many advantages that explain its higher price. One of the advantages is that the patented construction expands the active growing space by up to 75% .

The surface of the professional reflector is coated with a reflective layer of molten glass and titanium dioxide and offers up to 97% reflectivity !

The unique material is protected against rusting, almost does not lose its shine and, above all, increases the lighting efficiency by up to 50% .

The Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Medium shade includes a practical Super Spreader heatshield . If your lighting produces a lot of heat, a heat shield will help reflect it and also help diffuse the light towards the plants. Minimizes the formation of hotspots, hot spots.

You can easily change the height of the shade, the overall span and the angle of the reflection with the help of cables.

Maximum shade span 70x55cm.

The product is sold without a sleeve, which is purchased separately.

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Schopnost odrazu světla.97 %

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