Shade Adjust-A-Wing DEFENDER Large, heatshield

The large Adjust-A-Wing Defender L industrial reflector with a large heatshield is suitable for higher power lighting. Dimensions 100x70cm, without cable.
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Code108328PNbílý povrch stínidla, bez kabelu

The shade dramatically improves the dispersion of light from the discharge lamp to the plants and affects the overall success of your cultivation. The large Adjust-A-Wing Defender M reflector with a maximum range of 100x70cm is suitable for lighting with a power of 600W and more.

The basic material of the Defender is an extremely strong and flexible aluminum alloy with admixture of magnesium, which perfectly holds the parabolic curves of the shade. It does not change shape when installed, handled or moved.

The surface of the Adjust-A-Wing Defender L is evenly coated with a white, heat-resistant powder coating that provides 86% reflectivity . According to the manufacturer, it guarantees a lower ambient temperature and energy savings. With the help of steel cables, different spans, heights and therefore also the light dispersion of the reflector can be set.

This version of the Adjust-A-Wing Defender L shade also includes a large light diffuser, the heat shield Super Spreader, which evenly disperses excess light and heat in a total of four different directions. Eliminates hot or dark spots.

The light can further be reflected into other parts of the growing area. This helps to create even more harmonious conditions for your plants and thus contributes to quality results.

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