Spruzit Pest Free, 50ml - biological insecticide

The natural insecticide Spruzit Pest Free destroys aphids, thrips, thrips and other pests. Biological preparation without poisons, volume 250 ml.
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The concentrated biological insecticide is active against most voracious and sucking insects. Spruzit Pest Free, 50ml contains effective natural substances - pyrethrin, rapeseed oil extract and pink daisy.

Eliminates thrips, midges, aphids, midges and other plant killers in their adult or larval stages. It is applied by spraying so that the affected parts are perfectly moist. The leaves should also be sprayed from below.

Effective bio plant protection Spruzit Pest Free 250ml is harmless to bees and other beneficial insects, as well as to pets and humans.

It is suitable for the protection of ornamental plants as well as fruits and vegetables.

Follow the manufacturer's recommended dosage.


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