TA TriPart Micro for hard water 500ml

TA TriPart Micro (formerly FloraMicro) for hard water is a basic nutrition component that complements TriPart Grow and TriPart Bloom. It provides the necessary microelements in chelated form. Volume 500ml.
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CodeTCEN03002PNGH Flora micro 500 ml pro tvrdou vodu

This version of TA TriPart Micro is intended for hard water and combination with other components TriPart Grow and TriPart Bloom . It contains all the necessary microelements in the form of chelates. This liquid nutrition also contains submicroelements and organic buffers that contribute to a stable pH of the dressing.

The entire TriPart set guarantees complete and optimally balanced nutrition rich in primary and secondary elements. All ingredients are used throughout the feeding period.

Advantages of cultivation:

  • a comprehensive supply of primary, secondary and micro nutrients for the growth and flowering phase
  • concentrated, highly soluble and plant-absorbable fertilizers
  • strengthens the natural aroma and taste
  • basic nutrition is compatible with growing herbs in soil and inert substrates
  • developed by experts, tested by NASA and professional growers
  • quick, simple and effective solution in three bottles suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • optimal pH regulation of the solution thanks to the TriPart Micro hard and soft water variant

TriPart consists of a total of 3 components:

  • TriPart Grow : Ensures a rich build and promotes growth.
  • TriPart Bloom : Improves root formation and plant health during growth. During flowering and fruiting, it allows the plant to make the most of its genetic potential.
  • TriPart Micro : Provides your plant with all the necessary micronutrients in chelated form. This also includes sub-micronutrients and organic buffers, which help to stabilize the pH in the solution.

TriPart Micro complements TriPart Grow and TriPart Bloom in secondary and major nutrients. In order to best adapt the product to your water, there is a formulation for both hard and soft water.

Store tightly closed in a cold-resistant place. Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children. It has a limited shelf life after opening. Do not swallow.
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