Tex Pot Agro textile flower pot black, 15L

Black textile flower pot Tex Pot Agro, volume 15 liters. Suitable for any growing medium and substrate. Recyclable and durable material. Dimensions: 25x26cm
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Black textile flower pot Tex Pot Agro, 15L. Durable, strong fabric for repeated use. The Tex Pot planter is suitable for all types of growing media (soil, coconut, mapito, rockwool, ...). It supports the development of the root system and at the same time optimizes the removal of excess water from the growing medium. It helps to aerate the roots well. Made from recyclable propylene.

The flowerpot can be washed in a washing machine at 40°C. It is easy to carry, compact (takes up minimal space when folded) and unobtrusive. Flower pot volume: 15 l.

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