TightVac 2350ml, opaque vacuum can

Large opaque vacuum canister for food TightVac 2350ml. Made of food-grade, health-safe plastic. Optimal for food storage.
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Vacuum food box TightVac, 2350 ml protects against external moisture and at the same time prevents odors from escaping. A simple mechanism will protect your coffee, sugar, flour, herbs, spices. The jar is made of opaque food-grade and health-safe plastic.

Capacity of the opaque TightVac 2350ml jar:

coffee - 0.75 kg

tea - 250-500g

herbs - 150g

Volume 2.35 liters. Height 26cm x diameter 12.5cm.

  • average 12.5
  • height 26
  • in cm
Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Podtlakové dózy na potraviny TightVac.
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