Canna Coco Slab mat, 100cm

Coconut mat Canna Coco Medium Slab. Organic growing medium free of viruses and harmful organisms. Contains Trichoderm
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The Canna Coco Medium Slab mat offers plants and growers a coconut growing medium with a homogeneous structure, maximum purity and the highest quality. Although it does not contain too many nutrients, it can be used several times in a row. Great results can be achieved by combining with other products from the Canna Coco range.

This coconut substrate in the form of flakes also contains the beneficial fungus Trichoderma, which helps the formation of the root system and protects it from being attacked by pests.

Thanks to its consistency, the 50-liter mat Canna Coco Medium Slab is suitable for growing demanding plants in any growing container.

For larger plants, use at least 5 liter containers (flower pots) and about 5 liters of solution with Coco fertilizer per m2 per day (for mature plants). Using a larger container will provide a more stable root environment. Provide adequate means of drainage in your pots. It is possible to use a thin layer of hydro granules on the bottom of the flowerpot for optimal drainage. If you use the CANNA Coco Slabs substrate in combination with the CANNA Coco series fertilizers, which are designed for this substrate, you will invest in quality and a certain result. RHP quality guarantee.
Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Světově vyhlášené substráty, doplňky a hnojiva Canna.
Objem.50 L
Půdní, kokosové, inertní, organické substráty na pěstování rostlin.Kokosový substrát ze špičkových kokosových vláken., Obsahuje Trichodermu, přátelskou houbu, co chrání kořeny a podporuje zdraví a vývoj rostlin., Speciálně tvarovaný substrát, rohož, je vhodný pro pěstování v truhlíkách.

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