Flo-Gro 520, 45L tank

Hydroponic system from Nutriculture with Flo-Gro 520 timed drip irrigation . For two perennials and mother plants. Dimensions 75x75x30cm.
Kapková závlaha Flo-Gro 520
Kapková závlaha Flo-Gro 520
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CodeFN520PNna čtyři rostliny, 70x70x27cm

The Flo-Gro 520 Timer Drip Irrigation System provides a multi-year home for mature, mother plants. The ring irrigation system waters the plant evenly around the entire perimeter of its roots. It also supplies important oxygen to the roots.

All Flo-Gro uses expanded clay as a medium, which perfectly keeps the plant in a stable position. At the same time, thanks to its airiness, it optimizes the supply of oxygen to the roots. Using the timer, automatic watering can be set so that each plant is as happy as possible.

Advantages of Flo-Gro 520 drip irrigation

  • ideal home for perennial and large plants (native, specimen, etc.)
  • sufficient space and optimal conditions for a strong root system
  • in addition to nutrients, even ring irrigation also brings oxygen to the roots
  • the possibility of setting a regular time interval for feeding
  • maximum utilization of the nutrient solution thanks to the pump
  • easy to assemble complete irrigation system
  • dimensions 75x75x30cm
  • 50 liter tank
  • compatible with all hydroponic fertilizers


Ideal watering system for mother or specimen plants

Drip irrigation Flo-Gro 520 from Nutriculture is designed for growing two mature plants in an inert medium, we recommend expanded clay. The plants you just planted in the system should initially be fed 1-3 times a day. Supplement the growth and strengthening of the plant by increasing the frequency up to 6 times a day.

Plants under artificial lighting use up watering faster, don't forget that. Check pH and EC regularly, add nutrients as needed. Change the solution completely once every 2-3 weeks.

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