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Lumatek ZEUS PRO 600W is a high-quality wide-spectrum LED lighting that will ensure a return on your investment thanks to lower consumption with the same result as with regular 1000W HPS lamps. ZEUS PRO 600W offers a full spectrum and it is therefore not necessary to change different spectrum lamps during the cycle, the plant gets exactly what it needs during the entire period of growth and flowering. The construction creates an even light coverage and thanks to the low heat output you can place it up to 50cm from the tops of the plants!

A complete LED set led by the ZEUS PRO 600W system from LUMATEK will ensure you great results even in smaller spaces. All assemblies are hand-picked so that all components match perfectly. It's the cheapest kit in its category, so you can get your projects up and running right away!

When you buy a kit, you get 25% on anything additional to the purchase, or the maximum possible discount of the given product that we can offer the customer. The same applies when replacing individual items from the kit.

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