Shade Adjust-A-Wing AVENGER LARGE incl. heat shield

Top-of-the-line Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Large shade including heatshield. High reflectivity 97%, corrosion resistant. Suitable for 1000W discharge lamps.
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CodeSAAWLSSPNmožno připojit tepelný štít, lepší rozptyl, pro 600-1000W

Reflectors from the Adjust-A-Wing Avenger series are among the highest quality and most popular lampshades on the market. The surface of the Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Large shade is coated with a reflective layer of molten glass and titanium dioxide and guarantees 97% reflectivity !

The unique material increases the lighting efficiency by up to 50% , is not subject to corrosion and does not lose its shine .

Thanks to its design, it expands the active growing area by up to 75%.

Part of the reflector is a practical heatshield Super Spreader , which helps to better disperse the light directed towards the plants. At the same time, it dissipates heat and eliminates the formation of hot spots.

The height of the lampshade, the overall span and the angle of reflection can be adjusted using cables.

Maximum shade span 100x70cm.

Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Špičková stínidla Adjust-A-Wing.
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