Volcano Classic + Easy Valve Set, Storz&Bickel vaporizer

The long-time popular Volcano Classic desktop vaporizer with Easy Valve Set . A great choice for regular aromatherapy.
Vaporizér Volcano Classic, easy valve set
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Volcano Classic with Easy Valve set is undoubtedly one of the best vaporizers on the market . A very sophisticated device without an LED display is primarily intended for the vaporization of dry herbs. Liquids, oils or plant extracts can also be vaporized with a special container

The Volcano desktop vaporizer only allows manual control on 9 levels and temperature adjustment in degrees Celsius. It is known that each herb needs a different temperature for optimal vaporization. Therefore, pay attention to the manual. The temperature can be regulated between 130 and 230°C .

The main advantage of all Volcano vaporizers is that they are harmless to health, the ability to maintain a stable temperature, a long service life, superior durability and, of course, unrivaled performance. The automatic switch-off of the device is also an advantage. The temperature can be set with a deviation of +/- 5 degrees Celsius. Five standard size balloons are included in the package.

Desktop vaporizer Volcano Classic, Easy Valve set from Storz&Bickel including accessories and Czech instructions. Attention, the device weighs 1.6 kg! The package contains the Volcano Classic device, Easy Valve set and original manual.

In the Easy Valve Set, you will find 5x balloons, a reservoir, a set of Normal filters, a mouthpiece, a liquid insert and a branded Volcano crusher.

Nabízíme pouze prověřené produkty od světových značek.Špičkové německé vaporizéry Volcano StorzBickel.
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